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Early Talent Recruitment

Thank you for your interest in applying for GSK.

Thinking of applying? You can only apply for one of our Future Leaders programme opportunities. If you're unsure which programme to apply for, you can find out more about the programmes here.

We will only accept one application per candidate. If you are unsuccessful in your application please do not re-apply as we check the system regularly and your application may be withdrawn.

For information about how to apply please follow the below link:

Register / Login

If you have not yet begun an application, please click the link to Register

If you have already submitted an application, you can login to your online account area to view this.

Future Leaders Programme:

We are currently closed for applications to our 2017 Graduate Programme. If you would like to register your interest for our 2018 Graduate Future Leaders Programme, please click here.

    Summer Placements

    We are now closed for applications to all of our Summer Placements.

    Industrial Placements

    If you're interested in a 12 month Industrial Placement at GSK, you can apply via our website:

    The website gives you details of the opportunities available and open/close dates.

    How to apply

    Top Tips for applying to GSK:

    • Make sure you apply early. We recruit on an ongoing basis and prioritise applications based on the application date so you don’t want to miss out!
    • Complete your application form carefully, don’t rush. We do look at attention to detail, grammar and spelling! It is your first opportunity to show us your motivation, skills and to make a good impression.
    • Research GSK before applying, to understand if we are the right company for you. It is important that you feel that we are the right fit for you and you are aligned to our values before applying.
    • Think about our values – what are they, how might these translate into the workplace and how do you demonstrate these?
    • Try out some psychometric tests online so that you can practice before completing the tests for real!
    • Think about your strengths, the types of activities and tasks you will be expected to complete at GSK and how you will ensure you take positive action to result in a good outcome.
    • When completing any interviews with us – research GSK and the programme, try and think about the situations you might be placed in if you did work for us and what you would do to ensure a positive outcome. Think about the situation, the task, the action you would take and the result.

    The application process

    Level 1: Application form

    You will be asked to complete an on-line application form, giving details of your qualifications, skills and experience as well as motivation for your chosen placement and for GSK. Think carefully about the way you answer the questions – this is our first impression of you and your answers really need to give us an idea of your motivation for GSK, your strengths and how you will utilise them at GSK to be successful. Before completing your application form, make sure you are familiar with GSK and why you want to work for us. We will provide you with personalised feedback after the application form on your strengths and development areas to help you improve for the future.

    Level 2: Online tests

    Next you will complete up to three online tests. If you meet the benchmark for each test you’ll progress to the next. All candidates will complete a general ability test, other tests will depend on the area you have applied for.

    Level 3: Motivational Questions

    You will be asked to log back into your application form to tell us why it is that you would like to join us. This gives you the chance to show us what drives you and just how motivated you are for the programme you have applied to. We’ll then bring together how you have performed so far in the process and let you know whether you can advance to the next stage: a video assessment.

    Level 4: Video assessment*

    If you are successful in the earlier stages you may be asked to complete a video assessment. This is a one-way video assessment where you will be asked a mixture of questions.

    *This stage is only for some industrial placement areas. All summer placement programmes will have this stage.

    To succeed at this stage, think about what types of situations you could be faced with in GSK and how you would utilise your strengths and knowledge to succeed in these situations. Think about the situation you are faced with, the task, the actions you would take and the final result. You should also make sure you are familiar with our programme, our values and how you think you are aligned to these values.

    You will receive personalised feedback after the video assessment stage in order to be clear about your strengths and development areas for the future.

    Level 5: Assessment Day

    The final step in the process is an Assessment day designed to give you a preview of what it is like to work at GSK. You will participate in a number of activities which may include a presentation, an interview and a group task. Activates will vary between programmes but you should think about your skills, strengths and experiences and how you can best demonstrate these at the assessment day. You will also have the opportunity to meet members of GSK staff and ask any questions you may have about working for us.

    To succeed at the Assessment Day, review the personalised feedback you have received so far and try to think about how you will use your strengths on the day and how you can improve your development areas. Think about why you want to work for GSK, be enthusiastic and passionate and really think about the situations you could face if you worked for us and how you might tackle these.

    Important Information

    We would highly recommend that you submit your application to us as soon as possible as we progress candidates according to the date that they have submitted their application to us and there are limited spaces available at each of our Assessment Centres.

    Contact Us

    If you have any questions in regards to the programme you can contact us on 01635 279 808 or by email to


    If you do want to feedback anything about your experience in the recruitment process, please contact us on A member from the team will get back to you within 1 working day.